Booster Pumps

The Solution to Fire Sprinkler Water Problems

According to the NFPA 13D code there are five sources of acceptable water supply for the fire sprinkler system.

  1. A reliable waterworks system. (This must supply suitable water pressure and volume, not just to the street, but to the house.)
  2. An elevated tank.
  3. A pressure tank with a reliable pressure source.
  4. A stored water supply with an automatically operated pump.
  5. A well with a pump of sufficient capacity and pressure.

In all five of the above situations, a booster pump system may be the best economical solution if:

Booster pump systems (including pump, tank, and controls) are the preferred solution to a number of water supply issues that you may be encounter in installing NFPA 13D fire sprinkler systems. All five of the above water sources could require a booster pump

If needed a pre-built booster pump package will turn a frustrating problem into a profitable job. They will also improve the quality of the domestic water pressure so that your client has a more comfortable house.

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