Your Partner for Home Fire Sprinklers

Design & Calculations

Send us your floor plans and water supply data and we'll design a sprinkler system that meets local requirements.


Plans, cut sheets, calculations, inspection forms for the local fire jurisdiction.


PEX pipe, fittings, sprinkler heads, sprinkler tees, mounting brackets, booster pumps, the things you'll need to install a fire sprinkler system.

13dPEX.com is a company that partners with contractors and plumbers to install NFPA 13d fire sprinklers.

NFPA 13d fire sprinklers are for single family residences, duplexes, manufactured homes, and other select areas allowed by the local fire and/or building authorities.

We are suppliers of design, education, products, and tools, dealing with NFPA 13d fire sprinklers, using PEX piping as the primary piping material.

We carry what you need to design, sell, and install  NFPA 13d fire sprinkler systems.

From fully engineered submitals, and marketing material, to the pumps, packages and tools to test and complete a job, you've come to the right location...